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Put an end to slipping and increase your performance with the new generation Profiler © stud.

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sporty grip

Since 2014, Smartpower has revolutionized the world of sports studs thanks to innovative technologies designed to improve the performance of footballers. We have thus created for you, the first swivel stud in the world, the Profiler.

It is the result of 3 years of R&D with professional players and clubs. The numerous tests carried out in the laboratory have enabled us to offer a high-performance stud where each area has been designed to be effective.

In football, the difference is often made on the first presses and the difference is the Profiler.

Switch to the next generation of studs, grip the terrain like never before, go beyond your limits and improve your performance with the Profiler.

orientation and configurations

Thanks to its patented system of crushable washers, we offer you the possibility of orienting your studs according to your position in the field and your characteristics. Choose the configuration that suits you best, orient your studs and exploit your full capabilities.

Whether you are a striker, midfielder, defender or goalkeeper, we have designed the Profiler to adapt to all types of players, all football boots and all types of terrain.

Panic the opposing defenders on your acceleration by choosing the speed configuration, make the nets tremble on each strike with the attacking configuration, win the battle of the midfield and stop the opposing attacks with the ball driving configuration.

Shark fin

To design the Profiler we were inspired by the fin and fins of the shark, which uses them to stabilize, steer, and propel itself. The characteristic shape of our stud thus allows you to benefit from an increased stability, facilitates your changes of direction and reinforces your acceleration.

We also want to educate our athletes about the animal cause. Indeed, millions of sharks are killed each year and many species are now endangered due to overfishing. Most of the time, sharks are killed only for their fins, eaten in the form of soup in China in particular. The fishermen thus cut the fins of the sharks before releasing them at sea, ensuring them certain death. It is therefore our duty to alert and highlight this barbaric practice so that all together, we can change things.



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