innovation and technology

 Since 2014, Smart Power technology has revolutionized the world of sports crampons. Having conquered the greatest football and rugby players, it's time for us to hit the athletics tracks. The Smart Power MAKO is the world's first swivel tip. It brings unprecedented innovation in the world of athletics. Designed to improve the performance of athletes, it is the result of 2 years of R&D in collaboration with scientists and top athletes.
"My feeling is that the claw is much more important, the sensation of accompanying the push is more felt. And for me the push in turn at the attack of the hurdles is more stable."
Farah Clerc
French Champion 400m Hurdles

record breaker

The tests carried out on tracks and in laboratories have demonstrated the effectiveness of our tip. Similar to a claw, it incorporates Claw Effect technology through its profiled shape and its contact surface offset from the axis. This innovative technology allows maximum penetration of the track, in order to guarantee perfect grip and total transmission of power to the ground.

Patented system

The screwing of the point is based on an ingenious patented system of collapsible washer, allowing its orientation. Choose the configuration that matches your discipline and use your capabilities to the full. Whether you are a runner, jumper or pitcher, the Smart Power MAKO adapts to all shoes and all athletes to allow you to push your limits.

Combined with your talent, the Smart Power MAKO will propel you to the top of the rankings.

claw effect technology

Our new generation tips are equipped with “Claw Effect” Technology.

This revolutionary technology, based on the profiling of each point, will give all your strides a claw effect, similar to the fastest felines on the planet.

Thanks to the “Claw effect”, optimize each of your supports, gain in explosiveness and increase your top speed.

orientation and configurations

Discover the video assembly instructions.

the name mako

The name of our athletic tip is not due to chance.

MAKO is the name of one of the fastest shark species in the world. With its hydrodynamic shape, the MAKO shark is cut for speed and can reach 110 km / h.

It was also important for us to name this point in honor of this shark to educate our athletes about this species. Indeed, the MAKO shark is in danger of extinction, in particular because of overfishing. In 80 years, the MAKO shark has seen its population drop by 90% in the Atlantic Ocean and has almost disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea.

Since the beginning of our history, the shark has symbolized our brand. We are thus taking advantage of the launch of this new technology in the world of athletics to bring the tragic fate that befell this animal to the fore.



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